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The Secret Life of Bees

I found this book in a box hiding in my closet this past month while reorganizing my room. It was stuck between my Japanese for Beginner's book (from my tween anime phase, sub not dub please) and my Children's Anthology of Poetry Book (which is where I first learned how to memorize whole stanzas for the fun of it). Someone else's name was scrawled in it with the note of "P.6 Xtra Credit." Seeing how I never had a period 6 English class from primary through secondary, I figured someone gifted this to me as a means to get rid of it. And to whoever it was that passed it to me, thank you.

It was a wonderful opportunity and gave me something to entertain myself as I waited for Hurricane Irma to pass and for power to return.

Made into a movie, this story harks back to a Civil Rights Age America and demonstrates the pain of African-Americans, women, and the growth of a new generation of revolutionaries. The book calls on unity, empowerment, and faith in an excitingly new way that brings me to question my own upbringing as a stepping stone to my spiritual growth as a young adult. Filled with self-discovery and aging wisdom that often has teenagers rolling their eyes, it is a wholesome book that warms the reader's heart.

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