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The Princess Diarist

Carrier Fisher sneaks up on you and tells her story vividly as if she were there beside you and telling it aloud. Wets your palate with juicy details about her affair with Harrison, her battle with fame, and her personal growth with the success of Princess Leia Organa. Her brutal honesty and humor paints her in the humblest light while reminding us why she is one of our childhood heroes: her strength and wit and candidness.

Unfortunately, there are places where her colloquial and spoken syntax gets confusing. It forces you to reread sections or sentences to try and understand. But, all is forgiven with her sprinkle of Star Wars references (i.e. "you nerf herder"). 

I don't think I have read a book harder to rate than Fisher's. Entertaining, filled with truth and gossip, and shockingly naked.

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