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The House on Mango Street

I remember reading a chapter in elementary preparing for the state standardized tests and answering some simple multiple choice question on the definition of some word and moving on. That's it.

Fast forward and I am looking for something to read. A quick Google search, some Buzzfeed quizzes, and one paycheck later and I had a list that will keep me reading for two months.

Okay that's a lie. Maybe three days. I can't put books down once I start...

The House on Mango Street begins with a wonderful introduction that every POC writer can understand. She also gives a wonderful list of writers that I am going to check out ASAP. I recommend that anyone who reads the book NOT to to skip it.

Follow the life of Esperanza Cordero, a Latina child growing up in Chicago. Written in short vignettes, each "chapter" is no longer than three pages long. A quick read (read it in an airplane, bus trip, or any other hour) that is worth the time and attention from each reader. 

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