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Capicu: A Latinx Open Mic Infused with Culture

Since leaving Miami I have struggled (super emphasis on this) to find a community that I feel connects me with my culture, my interests, and my jokes. Because, to be honest, not many people will laugh and make me feel welcomed after I show them my signature '90s*finger-gun* at the end of a pun. And most other Latinx spaces that I have been a part of ignored my desire for art and poetry. But month after month I was remembered and made welcomed into this space.

Capicu combines performance, poetry, dance, drinks, and laughter in a space that really brings out the joy inside being Latinx. And though I seem to be the only one cheering for Cuba and Nicaragua, I feel like I belong in a space that open. Even my non-Hispanic friends have joined me to dance and laugh.

Honestly, I believe that Capicu is the start to my community and group out of Miami. And it feels good to be home.

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